Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Success with Firefox!

(Ali, thanks for the sweet comments! You're my lone reader until I get around to alerting friends and family to the fact that I'm doing this. Want to make sure it sticks first.)

Aha! After two days of no image posting capability, I finally followed someone's recommendation of trying to go through Firefox...and it worked! So if any readers are having the same problem, give that a go. Also, Blogger is apparently working on the situation, so we must be patient. I know, not always a virtue of mine either.
Impatiens (he he!). Yes, I know, now I'm just showing off my image upload abilities.

Nothing else doing here. Am home from the day job and swamped with copy editing. Bought my first scrubs. Didn't realize they came in such a wide variety these days (they even had tall sizes! In the store!). I'm off to play with the red pen now...


Ali said...

Oh no - now I've got commenting performance anxiety ;)

Megan said...

Pretty impatiens! I always love them because they grow so easily even I can't kill them. Thanks super duper muchly for your lovely comment on my 50th post - I did indeed write it, and I meant every word. We are women, hear us roar!

Welcome to blogging, I hope you enjoy it.