Monday, June 05, 2006

"Cat" Bowl

I dropped the poor sewing machine off as planned this morning. I had no idea they kept those things so long, being lucky enough to need no previous repairs. The first place I called said two weeks! The second said one and I went with them. Already I don't know what to do with myself.
What I did do with myself was hit the second-hand bookstore. No, no, not to buy, to sell. We're now up to more than $150 in credit there, so maybe we should start buying. But I've cleared two whole shelves from my bookcase, which is refreshing and happy. I feel all clean and organized. And now hubby has a shelf for his school books, instead of having to heap them all on the floor.

I also went to Petsmart in pursuit of a bigger and better food bowl. Now that we have three furbabies we've been finding ourselves refilling the bowls at least once a day, which we are too lazy to tolerate. These cats are grazers of dry food, a blessing for the couch potato owner who doesn't want to do the twice a day planned meal thing (pretty much true for how we feed ourselves as well). It was driving husband especially batty, so off I went to Petsmart. Turns out, all cat bowls are pretty small, so I meandered into the doggy aisle and--low and behold!--a food bowl bonanza! They make some really attractive food bowls these days, by the way. I brought home a couple of nine-inchers; will return one, couldn't make a decision in the store. This is the one I think I've settled on:

It matches my new blue/black/white color scheme for the kitchen, and it's fun! If hubby hates it (he of low tolerance for "busy-ness"), I also got a pretty solid blue one, so I'd be happy either way. The thing is mammoth! The cats could probably stand in it as they dine. I'm hoping this will encourage less food competition as they could all eat out of it at once. For now poor Lita won't eat if she thinks anyone is even looking in her general direction.

I did some cutting of apron fabric last night. I really think cutting is my least favorite part of sewing; although, I finally got the guts to use my rotary cutter on some long, straight, and gently curving lines last night and met with success. That made it go a little faster. All this advanced cutting has forced me to come up with some storage solutions to keep everything organized so I'm stowing all cut pieces and necessary notions in labeled Ziploc baggies for now. This sewing machine repair hiatus may force me through the most dreaded part for several projects, giving me a little jump start once it returns. Or so we hope...

My gym is finally starting their summer classes today, so this will by first spinning class in at least six months. My head is excited and my booty a little trepidatious. Those first two classes are doozy on the seat. But I'm all set with my heart rate monitor, so it should be a good workout. Of course, I haven't bought my summer session fitness class pass yet, the line for which is generally miles on the first day of classes, so I'll have to arrive 50 minutes early and pray. Maybe I'll bring my Sudoku for company. Wish me luck!

p.s. Wrote this entry hours ago; have not yet posted because I was having trouble adding pics. Situation doesn't seem to be improving, so we'll see how it goes tomorrow. Sorry for the pictureless entry!

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Ali said...

Ooh - a fellow Sudoku addict. I have to do one before bed - clears the mind!

Hope the kitties are happy with their mew china.