Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The Husband has just regaled me with a story of about five minutes ago, when he went on to check on the Lilliputian who was supposed to be sleeping but was instead up and calling out for us.

The Husband: What do you need Baby Girl?
Lilliputian: I need my blankie.
TH: But you have a blanket...?
L: No, I need to HOLD a blanket.
TH: Oh, well, here...here's your pink blanket.
L: No! It's dirty! It has *****
TH: It has...trash? No, it doesn't, baby...?
L: No, it has gas.
TH: Your blanket has...gas?!?
L: Yes. It's dirty.

At which point he apparently gave up and offered her a different blanket. The offending blanket will get a stern talking to about manners in the morning.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Happy Easter!

This was the first Easter the Liliputian actually had any clue what was going on. She had no idea what the big fuss was with the eggs until I pulled the first one out. Then she was all in. Including for the eating of the hard-boiled colored eggs.

Saturday we went to the local botanical gardens for an egg hunt, face-painting, balloon animals, crafts, children's concerts, and sno-cones. We also stopped by the toy store to pet and hold some live bunnies.

Sunday we had lunch and another egg hunt with the Ouisers and their family. I swear, we did not coordinate the dresses. Great minds just can't help but think alike.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Other Benjamin

The other night, the Liliputian was in bed for the night, but woke up yelling that she had to go potty. This happens frequently as she becomes more aware of needing to go, even when sleeping, and as we continue not to cut off the milk consumption at night (she's had it just before sleep her entire life! I'm just not ready to tear her away from that routine).

The thing is, I was watching LOST, and the Husband was in his office with his headphones on, so I don't think we heard her for a while. This is a suspicion given more veracity by the fact that, when I finally heard her and went in there, she said, "Mommy, I use my voice SO loud, but you not hear with your ears!" I said, "I know, honey, I'm sorry. I was watching tv and I didn't hear you." "Ohhhhh!" she says, in that voice that implies that I've just explained the mystery of the universe. "Mommy, you watching Benjamin Bunny?" *heart melty* "No, honey. Not exactly."