Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The Husband has just regaled me with a story of about five minutes ago, when he went on to check on the Lilliputian who was supposed to be sleeping but was instead up and calling out for us.

The Husband: What do you need Baby Girl?
Lilliputian: I need my blankie.
TH: But you have a blanket...?
L: No, I need to HOLD a blanket.
TH: Oh, well, here...here's your pink blanket.
L: No! It's dirty! It has *****
TH: It has...trash? No, it doesn't, baby...?
L: No, it has gas.
TH: Your blanket has...gas?!?
L: Yes. It's dirty.

At which point he apparently gave up and offered her a different blanket. The offending blanket will get a stern talking to about manners in the morning.


die Frau said...

Damn gassy blankets. Too much broccoli, probably. Blankets are known for this--they eat too much broccoli and then it's CLEAR THE ROOM!

Strongmama said...

I am cracking up! Please tell L that we do not allow gassy blankets in our house either.