Friday, May 28, 2010

Big Girl

I've been sick this week. Just a virus, I'm fine, but I was up in bed resting last night after the Husband put the Liliputian to bed and went out to help Mr. Ouiser with the new-house demo. I was watching my eleventy-hudredth episode of Weeds on Netflix when I heard a squeaky doorknob over the baby monitor. So, I knew she was up, but she wasn't saying anything...usually she'll call for us if she needs anything...another song, "cover me up," "I need to go potty," etc. But I just heard her walking around, banging things, and repeatedly rattling the doorknob (thank goodness for old houses with antique crystal doorknobs that are tricky to open).

She's been getting more independent lately. Like, all at once. We were at the lake last weekend (pictures, I know, I know, don't nag!) and she was All. Over. The place. All the time. Up and down the stairs, into and out of every room, opening and closing drawers, cabinets, the fridge, the doors to outside. It's like when she started walking at, what?, three months old? and didn't have the sense to keep up with her motor skills. She has no business getting out of the big girl bed upon waking in the morning, coming out of her room, turning on the tv downstairs, walking upstairs, getting a yogurt drink out of the fridge, coming into our bedroom, and scaring the bejeezus out of me when she's suddenly in my face saying, "Open it, Mommy." Nor does she have any business getting milk and eggs out of the fridge to feed the dog. But I digress.

After about 15 minutes of her clearly being Up last night, I figured I'd better actually do some parenting, so I went downstairs to investigate. Her light was on. F*ck. I open the door. She's sitting in the rocking chair pulling panties on.

L: I wear panties. I a big girl.

Me: Uh...Yes, honey, yes, you are a big girl. But you need to wear your pull-ups to sleep. Did you take them off?

L: Yes, I a big girl. I wear panties. I go play with S [as in little Ouiser]. *she's going to get her shoes at this point*

Me: Dear lord, child, do you realize what time it is? It's dark out. Everyone's asleep!

L: No they not!

Me: Yes! Yes, they are! Here, look outside. *curses! Daylight savings! Dusk is not nearly as convincing as pitch blackness.*

L: I wear panties.

Me: Okay, fine. Panties over pull-ups. Done.

I told her she could stay up and read for a while, but she had to stay in her room. She was agreeable to this and about two minutes later called for me to come tuck her in, which I did, amused. I love this kid.

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Strongmama said...

I am laughing as I write this and am very thankful my child still likes to remain in his room! You do have impossible child proof doorknobs on the outside, right?

If she is such a big girl, maybe it's time for an alarm clock like J. To make it easy, you could cover up the last two digital numbers and just leave the first number visible and tell her she needs to stay in her room until it says(whatever you decide). You SO do not need to be cleaning up eggs at 3 am, which I see in your future!!!