Monday, June 29, 2009

I'll Be Back.

Hey, strangers. I know this is going to be shocking news, but I'm taking a little blogging hiatus. I assume you'd pretty much drawn that conclusion on your own by now, but I just thought I'd spell out the obvious in big, black letters:


I'll still try to throw some pics of the Papoose up now and then, since I know the baby eye candy is what really draws in the hordes of readers I enjoy. I'm just taking a little time, thinking about going back to work sooner rather than later, spending more time with the Husband, getting my butt to the gym a LOT more (read: at all). I fully expect the blog to regain a spot on my priority list at some point because I've loved having it. But even good things need to be changed up a little now and then.

Keep me in your google readers; I'll show up again soon.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

North Country

Two weeks ago, the Husband and I drove from my parents' house in Upstate New York to our ten-year college reunion. The Papoose and I spent the week and a half prior to that hanging out with them for a little country vacation. We played in their giant yard, drove around looking at cows and horsies (the current faves around here), and spoiled the Papoose with cookies and popsicles.
On the shore of the Saranac River. Before she fell in.

My parents kept the Papoose for us for the two nights we were at Reunion. I think she surprised us all at how well she did for her first nights away from us. And we were able to enjoy the first morning since she was born that we were both able to sleep in. We had an amazing time with all our friends, proved that we were, in fact, not still 20 years old, and that Slices is still the best food one can find after midnight.

For the record, I flew to NY with the Papoose by myself. The Husband couldn't take that much time off work. About a month before the trip, it started to sink in that I had signed up to take this flight by myself with a toddler. And not just any toddler. An extremely busy, high-maintenance, strong-willed, and impulsive toddler. And I planned to keep her on MY LAP. For 11 hours of travel. Yeah, RIGHT!!!

I bought her a ticket for her own seat. Best. Thing. I've ever. Done.

On the way home, I had the Husband with me, but still no seat for the Toddler. He had restained himself nicely from complaining about the money I spent to buy her a seat on the way out because I was flying by myself and he knows about The Anxiety. But I knew he secretly thought it was a waste of money. The trip home with her, even though there were two of us, was pretty much awful, but with the silver lining that he is now 100% sold on never flying with her again without her own seat. You just CANNOT keep a toddler in your lap for that long. Not ours anyway. It's impossible.

Did I mention that the flight up there, without the Husband, when she had her own seat, a woman from our flight came up to me in baggage claim and went on and on about how the Papoose was the most well-behaved child she had ever seen anywhere, ever? No, well, we'll just be modest then. The secret is that it had nothing to do with her behavior; it was all about having that extra seat.

A word to the wise though: Be prepared to be your own sherpa, schlepping a toddler, stroller, carseat, and two carry-on bags through the airport. It is somewhat of a super-human feat. Making me Supermom? That illusion has a nice ring to it...

500 Pieces of Prudent Advice for My Baby Daughter

via Ohdeedoh

God, I love these. File this under, Why Didn't I Think of That? But at least I can point her to the link.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Darker Side

Okay, in my attempt to distract myself from the copy editing I'm supposed to be doing and wade through the 5,317 items in my Google Reader, I came across this hysterical take on Thomas the Train meets railroad mafia and just had to share. Hysterical. Enjoy.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Baby Gifts

We are back from a FABULOUS vacation and I will try to fill you all in later, but right now there's no time.

I came home to a spotless house (best Husband EVER!!!), but the unpacking and laundry and trying to get back into the swing of things, along with an extra-clingy daughter (who thinks I'm going to disappear again at any moment) and a copy editing deadline looming, leaves me with a full plate.

However, I have a new niece!!! And Scarlet will be delivering her baby in another month or two. In light of all the baby goodness, I thought this was a great post about what families really need in the early weeks following a new baby.

Toddler Tamer, know that if I were there, I would be doing as many of these as possible for you. In the meantime, maybe you can direct your readers here.

(link via ohdeedoh)