Monday, June 29, 2009

I'll Be Back.

Hey, strangers. I know this is going to be shocking news, but I'm taking a little blogging hiatus. I assume you'd pretty much drawn that conclusion on your own by now, but I just thought I'd spell out the obvious in big, black letters:


I'll still try to throw some pics of the Papoose up now and then, since I know the baby eye candy is what really draws in the hordes of readers I enjoy. I'm just taking a little time, thinking about going back to work sooner rather than later, spending more time with the Husband, getting my butt to the gym a LOT more (read: at all). I fully expect the blog to regain a spot on my priority list at some point because I've loved having it. But even good things need to be changed up a little now and then.

Keep me in your google readers; I'll show up again soon.

1 comment:

die Frau said...

We'll wait! Go do what you need to do. xoxo