Saturday, July 04, 2009

Our Month in Pictures

So, declaring a hiatus seems to have relieved enough self-placed pressure to finally spur me to post. At least some pictures, if not much text. Enjoy.
Pool time

Wading in the creek

Figuring out the intricacies of water fountains
The robin family that hatched in the nest in the tree in our front yard. They've all flown away now, though we still see the parents around.
My future's so bright...

Rockin' out at the Farmer Jason concert

Typical conversation these days: "Papoose, is that a hat?" "No..." "What is it then?" "Not-a-hat!"
Happy Fourth, peeps!
Too cool to ride in the stroller these days

We use big, emphatic hand gestures these days. Especially when talking about horsies.
Getting up the nerve for a pony ride
Petting zoo...yes.

Pony ride...not so much.

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Red said...

wow, i hadn't checked since you sent your hiatus message, randomly thought I'd stop by today. so glad i did!