Monday, June 26, 2006


Better day at work today. Mainly because at the end of the day, just as I was about to leave, my supervisor asked for feedback on how they were doing training me, if I needed more or less supervision in various areas, etc. I took that opportunity to mention that, no no they were supervision goddesses with nothing to improve upon except, perhaps, not blinding me with the golden sheen of their professional wisdom (gag, gag), but that I was maybe-possibly-just-a-little-bit-kind-of-sort-of feeling like I might not be progressing as fast as they would like me to be. To which she answered that, in fact, they think I'm moving quite fast and that they are actually very impressed with my writing skills. Yay! My linguistic strengths have somehow camouflaged my clinical weaknesses. JK, but it felt really good to get the positive feedback.

DH and I decided it was an ice-cream-for-dinner kind of night so we had our usuals: Starbucks Mud Pie for him, Ben & Jerry's Body & Soul Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough for me. I feel ill now. But satisfied. Trying not to think about the fact that I missed my spinning class today (don't usually work on Mondays) after not going to the gym for a week.

New copy editing job in today, plus I'm feeling exhausted (why am I sleepier now that I'm out of school? Or am I just noticing it more? Exchange with DH on the way to pick up ice cream tonight: "I notice that I consistently get tired at the same time of day, every day. From about 4:30...on."), so not much productive done tonight. However, I did get four scrapbooking pages done last night (this is impressive as I am not really a scrapbookin' sort o' girl; it's also really intimidating to me that it's taken me three years to get through the engagement party section of what is intended to someday be a giant wedding scrapbook) and some seedlings planted, about which I'm very excited. My tentative hope is to plant a bunch of cat-friendly plants in one section of the imaginary garden so that maybe they'll leave whatever else I plant alone. Because all my gardening research has informed me that I can't really plant anything outdoors until September, and because I happened to already have some catnip and oatgrass seeds (from 2000; do seeds go bad?), I decided to try to germinate those indoors for transplantation outdoors in the fall. I can't wait until their little green heads peek through the soil! Oh, and of course I also had to make little ID stakes for each pot, so if they get lost people will know their names.

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