Monday, June 12, 2006

Baby Steps to Productivity

Trying out a new font today. How do we like it?

I think I've finally got all the storage components needed in order to whip the craft bookcase and, at this point, the whole office back into shape. And none to soon for DH, who has been more than patient. My patience is wearing thin, too. I want to get back to actually making something! Not preparing to do, doing!
To that end, last night I gave up on the mess and sat down in front of the TV to the very soothing activity of cutting out Christmas cards I have saved over the last, oh, I don't know, roughly five years, in order to make gift tags, more cards, bookmarks, ornaments, etc. Even DH got into the act! Who knows how many more years it will take to actually assemble these trinkets, but the first step is accomplished and it felt good to do something even remotely right-brained after all this left-brained activity.

I also used some of this newly purchased scrapbook paper (I didn't mean to be buying anything new, but I couldn't help it when I saw this paper, and it quickly filled a need, so it's hereby justified) to make pencil holders for my desk.
The one with the colored pencils is made the old-school kindergarten way: from a cleansed pea soup can. The second one is a holder I already had but didn't like. So they both have pretty new outfits and will live in harmony among my other office supplies. They are now the spruciest things on my desk. Perhaps I have more organizational devices that can be prettied up with a little paper and glue...? Or maybe DH will let me at his pen holder!

I watched two movies over the past two days, neither of which was terribly good. The first was Hitch, which was cute. And I do love Will Smith. Still, kept thinking about other things I could be doing. The second was Closer, which I was warned would be upsetting and not a happy movie. It definitely was not a happy movie, but I honestly didn't find it that upsetting because I couldn't bring myself to actually care about any of the characters. I found them all utterly unlikable and thought they were all silly for putting up with each other. Maybe I was having suspension of disbelief issues, or maybe I'm just lucky enough not to know people so lacking in integrity and self-control and lots of other values I hold dear. Anyway, I'd been meaning to see both for a while, so at least they're off my list.

And now I must to bed as tomorrow is a workday. By the way, apparently speech-language pathology is now the 38th best job in America, according to CNNMoney. But software engineer is number 1, which always seemed rather dull to me, as explained to me by DH. But I think they look at things like stress level, flexibility, creativity, and opportunities for advancement, too, so maybe it makes up in other areas for what it lacks in variety (my apologies to any software engineers who find their jobs more exciting than I imagine them to be).

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