Thursday, September 06, 2007

Christmas in September

The realtor agreed to pay for the paint to repaint the nursery, so that's $25 saved. And I'm spared the decision of a paint color. We just took a paint chip to the store last night and had them match the same white that the rest of the house is. I packed up everything in the room yesterday and the Husband moved out all the furniture and boxes last night. So today I'm going to try to tape up the room, get the outlet covers, etc. off. Whatever else I can think of that might be helpful. I was going to scrape off those wallpaper flowers, but then I read that pregnant women shouldn't do that in case there's lead in the paint, so I guess I'll leave that for the Husband, too. If all goes well, he's scheduled to paint Saturday.

I had a talk with the lead speech therapist I work with this morning. We decided that, even though I'm scheduled to work a few half-days per week for the rest of this month, I won't actually go in to work unless they call me the night before and tell me they need me. The back pain is just too unpredictable. I feel like my body's done with the work thing. Yesterday, I felt pretty good so I accompanied the Husband to the paint store, only to have significant pain set in after about five minutes of walking around. And I wasn't carrying anything, not even a purse. Some of that may be because I haven't exercised in a week and a half due to illness. I've been meaning to walk the dog, just a short walk, the last two nights, but have been so busy with other things that both nights I forgot until I was in bed. I'll try again tonight. It may be that I just need to build up the walking tolerance again. Or it could be that we're done with that, too, in which case I'll give the elliptical machine and swimming another go.

Because I found myself trying to ship a bunch of Christmas presents that wouldn't wrap or pack nicely this year, I solved the problem by whipping up a few gift bags from some fabric I had stashed. They were extremely easy and quick to make, though I did cut some corners: not pressing out my seams, e.g. (gasp!). *Note the tags made from old holiday cards posted about last year.

I also received some waterproof fabric I ordered for making a wet bag (for dirty diapers when out and about).

And these Baby Legs I ordered showed up! Very cute.

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Sarah Berry said...

Those bags are unbelievable - Simply stunnning!! And I'm totally stealing that idea :) By the way, why the hell am I doing all of this exhaustive shopping for a wedding dress when apparently you just make everything you could ever need?!!?? :)