Monday, September 10, 2007

Can't They Just Stay Small Forever?

I feel like a veteran garage-saler now. We have learned the true benefits of early-birding. Saturday morning we scored a huge lot of baby clothes. The downside: almost all 0-3 sizes, which we needed least, and which she'll likely outgrow fastest. The upside: all spotless, all appearing to have been worn somewhere between never and maybe twice, some still with tags, and some really expensive stuff. There is no way she will get through all these clothes. I'd have to change her clothes five times a day and probably still wouldn't get through it all before she outgrew it. And probably half a dozen fancy dresses...too bad we don't go to church; I don't know where the heck she's going to wear them. The Husband suggested, "Fancy dinners?" to which I replied, "Who brings a three-month-old to fancy dinners?" "Oh, yeah." I'll have to post a picture of the shear bulk, when I have a chance. Right now it's all on my sewing room floor being sorted. I never would have bought so much--I was going through it all very selectively until she said we could have the whole lot for $25. It was too good of a deal; neither of us even hesitated. We're figuring that worst case scenario, someday we'll resell it at our own garage sale and make back our money.

Then it happened again this morning. "Fifty cents each or whatever you can shove in this garbage bag for $20." Sweeeet! This was better in some ways because I avoided the 0-3 stuff and focused on the bigger sizes. However, this was not the same high-end and brand new stuff I'd scored at the previous sale. Some minor stains, more typical garage sale fare, but still some great stuff. And some with tags.

And my mom warned me there's another box on the way from her garage saling expeditions, so we'll be swimming in clothes. Just avoid the 0-3 sizes from now on, please, Mom. We are so much more than covered.

Other highlights of the weekend: The Husband finished painting the nursery. He's letting it dry and ventilate. Still needs to replace the ceiling fan, outlet plates, etc. I don't get to see it until it's all done. Later this week or next he'll move the dresser back in. Maybe I can talk him into building the crib and the glider soon. Then I can get some decorating done, which I'm looking forward to.

We attended our first baby class at the hospital today: CPR. Took less than an hour. Next Saturday we have our first of two six-hour birthing classes. Sounds like a long day. I'll have to be sure to bring snacks. And water. And a pillow. Or two.


Sarah Berry said...

Damn! This baby stuff is already a full time job and she's not even here! :)

Anonymous said...

Well you know that there are plenty of people in your life who will be having babies in the next couple of years. Keep all those clothes she never got a chance to wear, they'll make excelent gifts eventually! xoxoxo~Al