Friday, September 07, 2007

Bargain Hunting

OB appointment today: we're both happy and healthy...and I talked the doc into another ultrasound. She still thinks the bun is a she. So the acupuncturist knows nothing. Unless two ultrasounds turn out to be wrong, which is possible and does happen. Especially in the case of a girl: the absence of anatomy is a lot harder to be sure of than the presence of anatomy. But anyway, I feel reassured.

And Mom, you should be proud. I am learning the art of yard sale-ing from you. Today I hit one where they told me I could take whatever baby clothes I could fit in a plastic grocery bag for $1. Most of the clothes were pretty worn, but there were some gems and my bag was fairly full. Tomorrow, the husband and I have plans for three more garage sales. We'll see if my luck holds.

Right now the poor dear has decided he might prefer to stay up all night tonight painting the nursery (he is a night owl), get up for the garage sales, then sleep all day. I think he's crazy, but as long as my nursery gets painted this weekend, he can accomplish it however he prefers.

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Anonymous said...

Good to know that the chances of a girl are still really good. I'd hate to return all the cute clothes I bought her! Aside from clothes, be on the lookout for gently used toys and things like gates at garage sales. We've gotten lucky with some great toys for silly prices. Also got our gate which had never been used and was sold to us for 1/3 regular price. Usually the early bird catches those good deals around here. Have fun! Tell D if he still wants to paint more when he's done with the nursery, he's more than welcome to come help me. Hugs