Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Advent Calendars

So, thanks for being patient with a sell-out, guys. I totally got $60+ worth of holiday cards for the price of only $8 shipping. Sweet!

As thanks, and because I'm a little bit sorry for inspired by Scarlet and her Advent-y ignorance interest (it's such a good thing she has such a sense of humor), I thought I'd do an Advent post. Because, seriously, I apparently have to tell you guys EVERYthing (it's such a good thing BOTH of you have such a sense of humor).

These are ALL OVER the blogosphere right now. Homemade Advent calendars, a shift away from edible Advent calendars to calendars with activities (ideally, cheap or even free activities, probably even things your family planned to do anyway...shhhh! The little ones don't know THAT!). Growing up, I always had, and loved, the paperboard ones with the little shaped chocolates inside? Like this:

The last few years, I've done one with miniature ornaments for a little tabletop tree, but that really wasn't ALL that satisfying, given that I'm the adult with the BIG tree anyway. I didn't need an extra thing to decorate, and the Liliputian was too young to understand, care, or not swallow small objects.

THIS year, people, THIS year we are ALL ABOUT the Advent-y activities! (As a side note, I started this post first thing this morning after a conversation with Scarlet in which she asked me to share my Advent list with her/you. That was BEFORE the Nyquil that The Husband made me take this morning kicked in. I then passed out for...oh, a good eight hours, save a few 10-minute emergences for food and water. I'm so screwed tonight. But since waking up again at 4:00, I've discovered that Toddler Tamer and Ouiser have also made similar posts, so totally disregard all the smart-assery at the beginning of this post about being the only one who was apparently up on the Advent trends. Apparently, it's just Scarlet. I'm gonna get coal in my stocking. So, I'm not going to bother linking to lots of strangers lists or calendars.)

Here's our list! You'll notice some days are double-booked. That's kind of a back-up system since many of these activities are being tried with her for the first time and I sometimes felt I needed a spare idea in case of disaster. I mean, she's barely three with the attention span of a gnat. It's not like she remembers anything I tell her anyway. If all else fails, we'll bake cookies every single day for the neighbors.

  1. bring out Christmas books/DVDs
  2. holiday coloring pages
  3. make popcorn wreath AND Christmas in Downtown Dickson
  4. hang stockings AND Christmas books from library
  5. make gingerbread man wreath
  6. make jingle bell ponytail holders
  7. make wrapping paper and wrap gifts
  8. purchase present for charity/ship/donate
  9. make dot garlands
  10. get picture taken with Santa AND make candy cane reindeer
  11. buy Christmas tree AND make twig & button snowflakes
  12. decorate Christmas tree AND paint toenails Christmas colors
  13. finish decorating house
  14. write/send holiday cards
  15. write letter to Santa/phone call?/video?
  16. snowflake quesadillas
  17. make pipe cleaner reindeer, Santas, and snowmen
  18. make gingerbread house
  19. make egg carton doorbells
  20. make cookie puzzle
  21. call relatives to sing
  22. look at Christmas lights
  23. holiday DVD with popcorn and cousins
  24. bake cookies for Santa
I'd love to see more of these from people I actually know! Anyone else have an Advent list to share?


Strongmama said...

How much Nyquil did you take? Someone's pretty punchy!! I totally need to know what a snowflake quesadilla is. Also, J wants me to tell you and L that we HAVE to make reindeer food to spread out in your backyard (oats, glitter, cheerios). And singing to relatives? You better call me even though I will be at your house two days later!!

Sarah Berry said...

OK, sorry to be all needy and shit, but so many of the things on your list sound so cool and I have no idea what they are! I need the links, give me the links!!

I'm so impressed with the list though, it's all so low key and do-able - just my style.

Now give me the links! ;)