Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Three Years and Two Years in the Making

So, this is THE kitchen. The play kitchen that the Husband has been working on off and on (mostly off, let's be honest) for nearly TWO YEARS. This began as the inspiration of one of the Ikea Hack play kitchens so frequently featured on Ohdeedoh, and morphed under the Husband's influence (as projects so often do) into a behemoth of a play kitchen...of THE BEST play kitchen ever created, I swear. You guys, this thing is GORGEOUS. I'm not at all sure the pictures do it justice. I LOVE it and, more importantly, so does the birthday girl. My Liliputian is three years old today and woke up to this culinary wonderland this morning after the Husband and I were up until almost midnight finishing it up, rearranging the dining room, and stocking it full of play food.

(Note the drawers present in this picture that were absent in the first two. The polyurethane was still drying overnight. You can also see the talking alarm clock in the background that was a birthday gift, as well as the binoculars in her hands. Please do NOT note the unpainted status of my dining room since we knocked out that wall, um, a YEAR ago. It's a goal to have that room painted by the end of this month.)

She's a lucky girl. And I'm a lucky mama.


AC said...

Um, genius.

Jo said...

I want one for myself!

Wonderland said...

I like that it's big enough for her to grow into. That way, she'll be able to play with it for a really long time! Amazing!