Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Hello, Birthday Girl

First words this morning: "Is it my birthday?" "Yes, sweetheart, it is. Happy birthday!" "Is there cake for me?"

Yes, sweet girl, there's cake for you. Cake and presents and songs and dancing and a small dinner party and lots of happy birthday wishes and hugs and kisses and proud, proud parents who cannot wrap their heads around how big you are. Big and beautiful and smart and funny and strong-willed and obstinate and determined and compassionate and opinionated. And ours. Such an obvious blend of our personalities, and yet like no one we ever could have imagined. Entirely your own person.

We love you to the moon and back, baby girl.

Last words tonight: "Is my birthday over?" "Yes, baby, I suppose it is." "I had a great birthday, Mommy!"


Sarah Berry said...

I meant to call yesterday! :( Glad to hear it was so great though!

Leslie said...

That child is a monster.

(Obviously, I'm referring to her as a monster to retaliate against her calling me a monster. We roared at each other. A lot)

(She IS hella-cute.)

(Happy birthday, little monster.)

die Frau said...

Happy birthday, sweet girl! Can't believe you're so big!

Penny sends doggie kisses.