Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Cards

We've used Shutterfly for our holiday cards for several years now and always loved their designs. They offer everything from hip and modern to classic and traditional from some great designers. My parents and grandmother always love the calendars and photo books we create as gifts as well. We've made our own photo books for ourselves, too, always around the holidays, when they offer especially great deals.

Here are some of my favorite holiday card designs this year from which we'll likely be choosing (I tend to lean toward the modern, graphic designs):

Shutterfly has a great holiday card promotion going on right now: share your great experiences with Shutterfly products on your blog, and receive a promo code for complimentary holiday cards!

Huh. Apparently I favor the designs advertised with black and white photos, too!

I really do love this site, guys. I'm not JUST blowing smoke. This promotion...yeah. But I have had really great experiences with this companies products for a number of years. Last year I tried Kodak again because of a promotion they were having, and found their products inferior to Shutterfly's.

Happy Holidays, Happy Cyber Monday, and Happy shopping, peeps!


Strongmama said...

ha! As I was reading the beginning I thought to myself, "I wonder if she's getting paid to write this; it's very un-Feathernester sounding!" Hope you get lots of free cards! I tend to like the black and white ones as well, with big splashes of bright, not so traditional Christmas colors.

Strongmama said...

ps, I'm not surprised there's one with some holiday toile in the mix!