Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Sorry for the long hiatus. I know that Scarlet, in particular, has suffered. Our Internet service has been spotty, at best, for several days now. Know what we found out when we called our provider? The Husband and I are the luckiest people in the world when it comes to cable. We've had free cable for about seven years now, I think. At four different addresses. And never on purpose. No illegal boxes or anything. We just move places and the cable company never turns off the cable from the previous tenants. And this time, we never realized we weren't paying until they couldn't find us in their system. We signed up for cable at this house. They just apparently lost us. I thought we were on autopay or something and never noticed we weren't getting billed. So we're going to try to fix the problem ourselves, if possible, and hope they don't catch on and stick us with a $1000 cable bill for the past two years. But if they do, that's alright because we owe them. And if they don't, well, that's there fault since we just alerted them to the problem. If they continue to never send us a bill, I'll just assume they don't need our money.

I also have had the plague the last couple of days. The same one the Husband had about a month ago. Horrific. Feeling much better today. The Husband had to stay home from work the last couple days because I was too sick to even nurse and couldn't take care of the Papoose. Here's some eye candy to try and make up for the long absence (Sorry the lighting is so bad. I'm still trying to learn the secrets of using the flash without washing the pic out vs getting to dark of a shot).

I guess she still mostly sleeps. But, I swear, she's more alert and active now. I get smiles of recognition once every few days. Her head control is much better. She's learning things, like, when the burp cloth is tucked under her chin while she's sitting in a particular position, she's about to get a bottle. She loves to sleep in the swing. She likes to have her tummy rubbed. Still only sleeps about two hours, three if we're lucky, at a time at night. We're hoping that will improve a little soon, obviously. She still makes the grumpiest faces all the time, and we love them.

Oh, and the Fuzzy Buns verdict is in, as well as that on the Bum Genius diapers: we love pocket diapers. They seem to keep her sleeping longer at night than disposables or prefolds because she wakes up the second she feels wetness. These new pocket diapers wick it away better so she feels dry longer. The Fuzzy Bunz are very trim, too, though not as trim as disposables. But at least her clothes fit! And the Bum Geniuses are a little less trim than the Fuzzies, but much trimmer than the prefolds still. That's for all two of you out there who are interested in the subject. I won't bore the rest of you any longer.

When I can post again will depend on our Internet problem. As I said, it's in and out, so keep your fingers crossed for us.


Sarah Berry said...

Horray! Thank you! She just looks so different in every single picture that I feel like I need daily pictures so I can memorize her little face.

So sorry about the plague!! Hopefully you're feeling better in time for the holidays.

Strongmama said...

You guys are so lucky. Don't forget the year you had free telephone service too.
I'm loving the double chin action in picture number one in her hooded towel. Her head is actually starting to fit in there now! I can't believe how much bigger she looks this week! J is anxiously awaiting meeting his "Cosa Biddy". Poor kid can't say ls yet. Hope you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

glad to hear your better. I can't believe how big she has gotten, love the cheeks. It's amazing how fast they change. Went down memory lane with my niece on sunday, she brought out my mom's pictures of sarah and mark from 1989 !!! love and miss you all. M