Friday, December 21, 2007

24-Hour Cure

So, apparently, being sick can affect the supply of nursing moms. Could be something to do with my inability to keep down fluids for almost 24 hours...or my complete lack of appetite for three days... Anyway, there also, apparently, is a cure. A "24-Hour Cure," to be exact. This consists of Mom staying in bed with Baby for, you guessed it, 24 hours, nursing whenever Baby shows the slightest interest, and not getting out of bed for anything but bathroom breaks. The frequent feeding and lots of rest is supposed to get things up and running well again. So guess where I'll be for the next 24 hours shortly after I post this? Pray for my sanity.
The sleepy girl pictured above is my new angel and best friend. She can do no wrong in my eyes at the moment. Why? Because for the last two nights she's only woken up once in the middle of the night. Yay!!! Of course, last night, I still only got 3 hours total of sleep because of how long it took me to get her back down, but I don't care! She's on the right track. I also hear her waking up, making noises, fighting her swaddle, working on digestive issues, and other baby pastimes for a good hour before actually fussing herself up into a full-fledged cry. This must mean she's beginning to learn a little self-soothing, self-sufficiency. Also good news for our dessicrated sleep stock.

And the best part of all? I got my first smile of recognition on my 30th birthday, when she was five and a half weeks old, last Wednesday. This morning, at seven weeks minus one day, I got a full five minutes of smiles and eye contact. So, so awesome.

Finally, some gratitude.


Strongmama said...

Hooray for sleep! I just sent you an email which will give you something to laugh about while you are laying in bed. It's a good one. Hope you enjoy!

Ali said...

Hope your 24 hours in bed does the trick.

And smiles are the best. My number one son didn't crack a grin until he was about 3 months old and it killed me to wait so long.

Give her a big grin from me!