Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Story of Stuff

The Husband's aunt shared this short film with us, which I thought I'd pass on to you. The Greenies will like it. Right-wingers will probably want to skip it, FYI.

With a shameful awareness of the irony of saying so after watching that film, I'm feeling very wanty on the Liliputian's behalf for all the great gift ideas listed here.

But in an effort to be less consumptive (not in the TB sense of the word, but in the sense I'm forcing onto the word here; not that we want TB either), I think we'll refrain from buying Christmas presents for our seven-week-old. There's clearly no disputing the fact that she won't know the difference. Plus, she has rattles and other toys she hasn't discovered yet, as well as a supply of brand new Fuzzi Bunz to try out. And we're hoping to get a tree this year, for the first year ever. I'm thinking the tree lights alone will captivate her more than material gifts. Plus she already has one gift waiting for her from her generous Aunt R! So I'll refrain from further shopping for the wee one. This year.

Wish me luck in my attempts to sew over the next few weeks. I don't know if it's in any way possible, but I plan to make a valiant effort towards finishing the wet bag I never completed before the little one arrived. And if this tree thing actually comes to fruition, I'll want a tree skirt and/or tree topper, both of which would have to be made. I'm not even going to worry much about ornaments this year. The main concern will be just keeping the cats and dog from mauling the tree and sending it crashing through the sliding glass door.


Sarah Berry said...

Horray! I love it when mom friends of mine make a "less consumption" choice with their kids - it sends such a wonderful message. And best of luck with the sewing, I know how happy it makes you so it'll be nice if you can find a little me-time.

As a back-up for the tree skirt, one year I bought a beautiful but inexpensive red tablecloth at TJ Maxx and just cut a slit into the middle and made a great tree skirt for my mom.

Strongmama said...

If you remember last year, and J was a little bit older than L, we barely got him anything and he still got a ton of stuff from everyone else. This year, I've picked up a few things at garage sales (who needs new in a box when you're not even 2?) and that'll be pretty much it. Ironically though, I just hit the motherload on a bunch of books at TJ Maxx. Books don't count as "stuff" right?