Monday, December 10, 2007


Week 5 in review:
  • We survived our first night without the Husband, who was out of town on business.
  • She must have hit another growth spurt because it seems like all she does is eat.
  • We bought our first Christmas tree. It's up, with lights, but we have to dig the ornaments out of the garage still.
  • Sporadic smiles have been spotted! None that are spontaneous, but occasionally in response to my smiles, and also this morning when reading, "Oink! I'm a pig!" accompanied by a pig that squeeks when you squeeze it. I think that book was the highlight of her day today.
  • She has learned to like the sling, the Baby Bjorn, and the Moby Wrap borrowed from Ouiser, which is the most comfortable of the three by far. We both love it! Thanks, Ouiser!
  • And we learned she looks dang cute in a hoodie.


Sarah Berry said...

Oh - so cute!!!! Don't you want to fly her to New York to see her first snow fall?!

Ouiser said...

hello, beautiful. i am in love with the second picture. you are right. the hoodie is a good luck for l.

die Frau said...

Yes, don't you want to stop in the Buffalo area on the way, where we have about eight inches and are expecting a foot more, so she can see what "real" winter looks like?

Boy, does she have gorgeous eyes. You guys are in trouble....

Anonymous said...

She looks like a little Yoda! So cute. :) --Vincent

Anonymous said...

I just want to squeeze her, It sounds like thing are comming together, I'm happy for the new family, love Marilyn