Thursday, November 15, 2007


The husband is sick. Luckily, my mom is here, but I'm really not sure whether I should even sleep in our bed tonight...both of us sick? And not getting more than an hour and a half sleep at a time? With feedings currently being a two-person job (that he now can't participate in)? But if I don't sleep in our bed, will I be able to sleep at all? Time will tell. Pray for me that the Husband is merely sick with exhaustion (he's been getting less sleep than me) and not truly contagious.

In the meantime, I have no energy for creative blogging. What's that they say about the first two weeks being all about survival? We went to a nursing support group yesterday and I was able to see some light at the end of the tunnel, but make no mistake, we're still in the thick of it. Can't think more than three hours ahead at a time, so I hope some more pics of our beautiful girl will keep you interested until I have two thoughts to string together again.

Aunt Toddler Tamer is a great multitasker, wrangling baby and puppy simultaneously.


Ali said...

Hang in there! Looks like she's doing great (even if you parents are a bit beat-up). It will pass.

die Frau said...

She is absolutely beautiful-- those eyes! I'm surprised you can string two sentences together to type to all of us! Hang in there, mama! I'm sure you're doing great and hope the husband feels better!

Strongmama said...

Oh I hope D feels better soon and that you don't catch whatever he's got! Hugs to all--without germs, of course :)