Wednesday, November 28, 2007


  • The great cloth diaper experiment has begun. We've done them during the day for about four days now. Nothing to it. It's way easier than I feared. Upsides: Obviously cost and environmental impact. But I also think they look more comfortable than the disposables. And disposables smell funny to me. Even clean ones. We also started the cloth wipes with the homemade wipes solution. Also startlingly simple. Downsides: so bulky that a lot (most) of her clothes don't fit over them. This is a seriously big booty.Also, she feels the wet immediately, so we're changing diapers much more often. We've ordered some Fuzzi Bunz, which are more expensive (though still thousands less than disposables, in the end), but supposedly much trimmer and more absorbent, to try out. These may eliminate both problems. But the washing factor for the prefolds we're currently usingis a piece of cake. Don't know why cloth seems so scary now. We're still doing disposables at night for now, and when we're out of the house.

  • Weight gain: we're up to 9 lbs 1 oz! Hooray! She's a weight-gaining machine now. Doc says we can cut the supplementing in half and quit the formula altogether. Sooo happy.

  • The Papoose has been gassy as all get out. Poor thing was waking herself up, screaming randomly, and getting mighty squirmy at feeding time, all due to gas pains. The good news is that my support group and the pediatrician gave us all sorts of ideas to improve this, including Mylicon drops, which apparently break down the big gas bubbles into smaller ones. Holy miracle magic elixir of the gods. She's like a whole new baby. So apparently I don't need to cut out dairy (or any other foods), which I was afraid of given Ouiser's and Toddler Tamer's experience with needing to do that. Thank God. I already had to go dairy-free during grad school and I was not a complete person without cheese.

  • Speaking of cheese...anyone familiar with Wallace and Gromit? The Husband and I cannot get over the Papoose's imitation of Wallace in the presence of cheese.


die Frau said...

"I'm just crackers about cheese!"

The imitation is quite perfect. Give the girl some Wensleydale. Glad the cloth diapers are going well--hopefully by the time I do this, the Fuzzi Bunz or whatever they are will have gone down in price....

Sarah Berry said...

Holy cow! You weren't kidding when you told me on the phone that the diapers were too big! They look like everything would just fall out the side. How is it that they don't make little newborn cloth diapers?? Glad you'll have this all figured out when the rest of us start procreating :)

Anonymous said...

Ummm, if the experiment has just begun, what has been used for the past three weeks????? The boy suggests putting child "in a bouncy harness over a garbage can so you don't have to clean up anything". LOL.