Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Knit Motherload

We received this very generous package from a friend of my mom's today (well, shipped by my mom [Thanks, Mom!], but given by her friend):

I especially love the five different sizes of booties. Plenty to grow into! And the sweater is so sweet.

Less impressive is my own first attempt at booties, of the sewn variety, from yesterday:
The pattern for these booties is free and can be found here. However, problems abound. Problems with me, I suspect, not the pattern. First, the soles are just regular woven cotton, so the pattern suggests you double up the layers, if desired, which I did desire and attempted. But try as I might, I could not get four layers of fabric to line up perfectly with the recommended zigzag stitch when sewing the soles to the uppers. Meaning little frayed edges are sticking out, especially on the bear pair. Second, the elastic didn't stay tacked on one of the (left) pink booties, but of course it chose to come untacked after the last stitching was complete, so I have to take apart the whole booty to get to the elastic again and start over. That pair is a heavier decorator fabric, so they hold the booty shape better.

I'm not sure how comfortable these actually are for babies though, so I can't decide whether to keep at it or give up. On the one hand, socks are so cheap and so much easier. On the other hand, these shouldn't be hard and I love the infinite color/pattern choice afforded by making them myself! There's another free pattern by Stardust Shoes here. The only reason I didn't start with hers is because it requires bonded fleece for the sole, which I didn't have on hand. But they look sturdier and might be worth a try. I'll share the results if I decide to give it a go.


Ali said...

Aren't you tickled that there are going to be little feet in them! I made some Heather Bailey Bitty Booties for my neighbour's baby and she seems to keep them on okay. No elastic either!!

Ouiser said...

I am so immature. I keep giggling at the word booty. You are so much more motivated than I. Probably a better mom, too...S is always barefoot.

Anonymous said...

Those booties (both knitted and sewn) are ridiculously adorable. I'm always struck by how non-foot-shaped babies feet really are. Hee hee - booty!

Anonymous said...

J is also always barefoot. I think the only booties he ever wore were the adorable pea booties we got from Ouiser! You're starting your little girl out on a shoe fetish very early!

Joanna said...

You could double up regular fleece or combine fleece with felt for the soles of the booties on my tut. My JoAnn's quit stocking the bonded fleece...maybe it will come back this winter???