Monday, August 14, 2006

Kitty Bling

DH is still working on the computer, so no pics. Sorry.

I've been slowly edging myself toward getting up earlier in the morning because I have big plans to join the LA Fitness near our new house and go to the 5:45 Aqua Fitness and Spinning classes. They say that when you need to get up earlier in the morning you should get up 5 minutes earlier every day to ease into it. So I am not yet getting up early enough for the gym classes, but I do have time to kill before work, so I went for a walk this morning. I discovered that there's a paved bicycle/pedestrian path in the wash that borders our development, which will be perfect for dog-walking! I'm very excited about this. On the one side, you can look into people's backyards and compare landscaping and patio furniture. Turn to the other side and a wide open desert vista confronts you, with only a few manmade structures visible in the distance. I'll have to post a picture. It's not the most picturesque Tucson landscape, but it's certainly better than the QuickMart we had previously as our walking scenery.

On a totally different topic, since when did Petsmart decide that ID tags should cost $18 each? For the cheapest ones? All three cats need new tags now that our address has changed. I read that you're not supposed to put your name or address on their tags anymore because bad people will use the info to steal your cat or rob your house. Now you're just supposed to put your phone number. So I'm doing that, but I'm ordering them online where I found them for only $4 each. I wanted to order a dog tag, too, but we don't know the gender yet and I really felt that would guide my decision as to what shape and color the tag will be. I know. You don't even have to think it.


Ouiser said...

18 bucks? I'm pretty sure we paid 8 for Otis's tag. If you have any trouble with the online option, let me know, and I will check them out here. I can't in good conscience let you pay that much for kitty-tags.

die Frau said...

Yes, I love my pets but that is ridiculous. I wanted to buy Boo a little doggie fleece of some kind when winter was so bitterly cold but they were all at least $60. Anyway, she would run out, do her business, and race back in pretty quickly. A few times I did wrap her in a scarf, which was pretty funny. Is that wrong and petty that I didn't spend beaucoup bucks on overpriced warmth for my dog?