Sunday, August 13, 2006

Checking Back In

Told you I'd be back! Sorry for the long hiatus. Everything is finally moved in. DH and a friend whose stock around this place just went up a hundredfold moved all the big furniture yesterday with the help of a dolly. DH swears we are hiring movers next time. I don't blame him. He's been cleaning the old apartment all day. I've been continuing to unpack the new place. All the important stuff is 99% done. DH will tackle all the electronics (e.g., tv, stereo, computer) over the next few days. Then we're left with his office, my sewing room, and all the decorative stuff: hanging pictures, making curtains, etc. I'm calling Aveda tomorrow to schedule massages for both of us next weekend.

The kitties hated the drive up here. My vow for this move is that next time all three will be sedated. Puck and Lita were in a carrier together and fought. Bob was in a second by herself and I think she was throwing herself against the door the whole drive. When we got here, they had to be locked in the bathroom for hours while all the furniture was being moved in. I periodically checked on them and invariably found that Lita was still in her carrier and Puck was beating on Bob who had her face hidden in a corner. It was heartbreaking seeing Bob, in particular, so scared because she's usually so confident. Poor dears. But they've bounced back quickly. There are lots of big windows in this house, which they love. And the wildlife viewing is much improved from our central apartment. I saw a bunny in the backyard yesterday, and again in someone else's front yard tonight when walking to the mailbox. Also a quail. There are lots of other birds I can't identify and that we didn't have at our last place. Really big birds, too. So the kitties will have lots to watch to keep them busy. Nobody's going outside for a while.

I've also started them all on a diet. Lita has surpassed the cute, chubby weight she was at for years and is now pitifully, downright fat. I'm worried about her, so no more grazing for anyone. They usually have a big bowl of food at all times. Now it will be measured portions every morning and night. Regular food for Puck and Bob, Lite food for Lita. Maybe Puck will even put on some weight while Lita loses. This really would have been a necessary change in another month anyway as I wouldn't leave cat food out with a puppy in the house.

A new copy editing job arrived in the midst of this move, so I'd better get busy with that. Sorry no pics today. Our wireless is set up, but not the main computer, so I'm writing this from my laptop with no way to upload pics at present. I'll get on that as soon as DH has it set up.

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Ali said...

Congratulations on being 'in' - the massages sound like a much needed treat.

Thanks for your Philadelphia comment - will you e-mail me if you get the chance(my e-mail is on the sidebar of my blog) as we're contemplating a move there from the UK and I'd like to pick your brains?