Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's a Boy!

Well, we already knew that. But now we know which boy! And we're officially taking suggestions for names. This is turning out to be much harder than naming the cats was. Probably because I keep picturing myself yelling it across a park in front of large numbers of people. So post some comments with male puppy names, please! We just might use one. These are all him:

I have lots more to blog, but I also have to go to bed. More to come, asap.


Ali said...

I always wanted a dog called Mungo growing up (but I think your little ball of fur is going to be too dignified to be one!)

Ouiser said...

I read about a children's book the other day about a dog. It's name was Squirrel. It cracked me up. You know, M and I had totally decided that when we got a dog we were going to name it Indiana-then we got Otis, and we knew it didn't fit. So, don't be disappointed if you can't come up with something perfect until the ball of fuzz arrives at your house. We just started naming names while we were looking at him until we found the perfect one!

die Frau said...

SO PRECIOUS! What about Rigger? Had to suggest it. Right now his name should be Squidgy-sweetiekin-pie because he is just so cute. I'm sure D will loooove that.

We're thinking about naming our future dog Gir--both a play on the noise and the name of our favorite character from the crazy cartoon "Invader Zim".