Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Shopping Spree

Today was the first "snow day" I've had this summer. Meaning, a day where we finally got so slow for the summer at work that we had too many people scheduled, so I got to stay home.

I spent the morning working on the most ridiculous paperwork for my professional certification. Remember over a year ago when I started my clinical fellowship? That was over in February. Granted, it took me a couple months to get all the paperwork together and send it in to them. But then it took them two more months to decide they couldn't find everything and send it back to me. Luckily I had photocopies of everything, but some of this stuff I sent in a year ago! Usually I'm very relaxed and methodical about form-filling and applications, but somehow having to do the same one for a second time five months after this should have been done with was overly stressful. But it's done and in the mail and I'm out $40 for having to reorder transcripts and test scores but whatever. It just better work this time.

I swam for half an hour today at the community pool, from about 11:00 to 11:30. And I'm burned. Probably doesn't sound unusual for July in Tucson, but this is the first time it's happened. I wonder if pregnancy makes you more susceptible to the sun? It's not a bad burn at all. The kind that will be gone tomorrow. But that's the third time in the past two months that I've gotten that kind of mild burn, so that's not so good. Now I know, so I'll know to where sunblock for even that brief of a swim.

I also had a marathon shopping day. I realized that no one will get any Christmas presents this year (or birthday for the 99% of people I know who have birthdays in December, myself included) unless I mail them in September or October. Somehow, I just don't see shopping, packaging, or trips to the post office happening in the six weeks after I have the baby. But this is good, because there are several little ones on my list, and since I've been having this sudden yearning to shop for my own baby (which is silly with showers coming), my plan was to take it out on them instead. Except that I ended up shopping for them and my own baby. Oops. Maybe the husband will talk some sense in to me and I'll return some of it. But it was only from Old Navy. One can't do too much damage there.

I also had a bit more maternity shopping to do. It never ends. Allow me to simply say that it's become blindingly apparent that certain undergarments I've been attempting to squeeze into for months past their limit just can't be squeezed into anymore. So I broke down and spent more money. On the plus side, these are things I'll need after the baby comes anyway, so I guess it's a wash. I also may have found a little something to wear for my shower in Ithaca in August, and to Scarlet Lily's engagement party. And a little something for Scarlet herself! Never fear, Scarlet, I will be plenty pregnant to satisfy even the likes of you in another five weeks. Believe me!

I also bought the lemons and things I needed to try that lemon cake. I'll tackle that tomorrow. I'm tuckered out from being such a good consumer today.

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