Monday, May 29, 2006

Hello, World, etc.

After spending countless hours surfing from craft blogger to craft blogger, I've finally become thoroughly obsessed enough to start my own blog; although, I'm not yet sure if I'll actually share it with anyone I know.

I just finished graduate school and am starting a new job this summer. For now, I'll only be working a couple of days a week, so I am loving the thought of finally having the luxury to (start and) complete all the oodles of projects I've been saving the last three years for this promised time of freedom (and hubby will be happy to see my stash dwindle).

So I'm hoping having some place to ramble about my projects and show pics will keep me inspired to complete them. I'm also hoping to start developing the palest of green thumbs this summer. I'm a total novice gardener and would like to start modestly by maybe keeping a plant alive. My northeast roots are very unsure how to proceed in this hostile desert landscape, however, so we'll see how it goes.

Tomorrow is my first day at the new jobbie job, so wish me luck!

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