Monday, May 07, 2007

A Perfect 150

Sixteen-week appointment accomplished three days early. This time the doc heard the heartbeat with no problem, and declared it perfect. She also declared my weight gain perfect, though it seemed a little fast to me. But what do I know.

And I have an ultrasound appointment scheduled in two and a half weeks, when I should be able to find out the sex. Oh yeah, and make sure the baby's healthy, well-formed, and all that. Trivial stuff. I just assume all is well unless somebody tells me differently. Which they won't.

Strangely, I had a dream about die Frau's baby last night. Strange because she's only been married a few weeks, never mind pregnant, never mind with the three month old daughter she had in this dream. I actually wondered if die Frau's presence in the dream was an error and maybe it should have been Ouiser and her baby. But you can't question these things. In the dream, however, I did question the three-month-old's ability to speak in complete sentences. Die Frau attributed it to the fact that the child was, in fact, the daughter of an English lit teacher. To which I replied that my SiL is a reading specialist, but you don't see Baby J reading Tolstoy, or Proust, or even Dr. Seuss on his own, I dare say. Die Frau had no good argument to that.


Anonymous said...

What's 150? Is that pounds? Doesn't sound like very much to me considering your height. Good job!

Observation: Having no blog of my own has turned me into a comment whore :)

Anonymous said...

150. Not too high. Not too low. Not good for guessing if it's a boy or a girl! J was 150-152 consistently, but I'm still guessing girl for you! Love your dream. Don't worry, they will get stranger as it goes on. I had a dream that I was teaching a lesson, excused myself, had a baby, brought baby back to classroom and continued to teach the lesson. Nobody seemed to notice, either!

Ouiser said...

S was always 145-150. More often than not she was bang-on 148. I remember the first time I heard it and thought, "holy crap, that sounds fast." I didn't know that their heart rates were so fast in utero. Live and learn.

As for dreams, I'm with L. I had one in which I gave birth in the chair at the computer. I just looked down, and S was literally hanging out of my body. In hindsight, that would've been nice. No pitocin.

die Frau said...

Your dream is mercifully not prophetic; I am not pregnant nor do I have a three month-old, talking child. My bigger worry is that it will come out wanting to play X-Box (sorry, DH, love you!).

Glad things sound healthy!