Saturday, May 26, 2007

It's a Girl!

Ultrasound yesterday--all is healthy, happy, and well! And, yes, they told us they're 95% sure she's a she! They do think my due date may need to be pushed back a couple of weeks though. It wasn't my regular doctor, so they'll send her the report, and I'll see what she thinks when I go in on the 4th.

In the meantime, here are the pics!
Profile shot. Head on the left, body on the right. She's facing up, toward the right.

The money shot. This is an inferior view, looking up where the legs meet, and there's...nothing to see here, folks.

Body on the lower left, head on the lower right, looking straight at us with her head tilted to her left. So she's looking at us sideways and you can see the two eyes, nose, kind of the mouth.

Same orientation as the last one, but now she's moved her right hand up to her right cheek. Pondering why the ultrasound women keeps poking her, no doubt.

Very obligingly showing us that she does, in fact, have all five fingers. This is the palm of her left hand.

The husband is intimidated at the though of raising a girl, but is very excited and happy. I think he thinks I "wanted" a girl. It's not so much that I "wanted" one over the other, but I think I was more comfortable with the thought of a girl. Not sure why. I spent seven summers working at a girl scout camp, so have a lot of experience with little girls. Not so much with little boys. Is it just that I'm a girl? Dunno. But I'm so glad to know! Now to work on names...


Ali said...

Oh bless, she's waving to you. Ultrasound pictures give me goosebumps - thanks for sharing and glad all is well.

Unknown said...

She's gorgeous. I love her already. I am so happy for you guys...and thrilled for S to have a new girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

so exciting!!!! eeeeeee!!!! i like the ones where she is looking right at you... i echo ali's comment.. it gives me goosebumps!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, I almost doubted that you really were pregnant. But these pics are too much. I'm so crazy-happy for you guys. I'm sure she'll be beautiful and healthy :)