Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cat Nap

Hope all the mommas out there had a lovely Mother's Day. I was pleasantly surprised with lots of cards and phone calls wishing me a Happy Mother-to-be day. The husband and I went out for brunch (blueberry pancakes, mmmmm!). And Ouiser sent me the cutest maternity tops. Such good taste in that girl. And they fit perfectly.

And I am officially in maternity clothes now. Actually, the first weekend I was forced into some was about two weeks ago. They were swimming on me then. I felt as though a stiff breeze was likely to knock the shorts right off me, but my stretchy skirts were in the laundry and I couldn't fit into anything non-elastic. Now, two weeks later (at 17 weeks tomorrow, for anyone who's counting), some maternity things fit well, some require binder clips to hold them up.

Whipped out a cat bed yesterday. Filled with that Micro Bead stuff. Very, very tricky stuff. Don't think I will attempt that again without an extra pair of hands. Gets everywhere. I'm planning to put it on top of a stack of towels in the bathroom that is a favorite sleeping spot of the kitties. That way, their bed will hopefully absorb all the hair and leave the top towel hair-free. Nothing worse than getting out of the shower and toweling off, only to find yourself covered in wet cat hair.

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Anonymous said...

Belly pictures! I want pictures! :)