Monday, May 21, 2007

My Heroes!

Oh, I am so gratified. That was the most perfect, most satisfying season finale to Heroes. I'm so happy. It was especially restorative to my tv soul given the sad, pointless, depressing, disapponting, and stupid stupid STUPID finale to Grey's. I was so mad after that episode. But Heroes made it all better. I'm going to bed before something interferes with the perfect ending to this day.

They've set the bar high for the Lost folks.

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Anonymous said...

Regarding Grey's: I didn't actually watch the season finale, but I did read an entire article on MSNBC (I think that's where it was) about how stupid the finale was and how none of the character developments made any sense whatsoever and how they were basically screwing everything up with the show. So, I'm sure it doesn't offer any consolation, but you're not alone in your view!

And for fans of The Office: Very happy with the season finale! My second husband, Jim, is now free to date Pam. Woo Hoo! :) :) (For the record, the Jim/Pam storyline kicks the Ross/Rachael storyline's ass!!)