Sunday, April 29, 2007


Oy. Here's the important lesson I learned Saturday: when you're pregnant, you can only go so long pretending that you still fit into your old clothes without eventually paying serious consequences for a waistband digging into your abdomen. My penance came in the form of some serious, take-no-prisoners indegestion that left me whimpering in a supine position for hours yesterday. No vomiting, but all kinds of other nastiness ensued. If I hadn't known that I'd eaten nothing that could have possibly caused it, I would have suspected food poisoning. As it is, the only plausible precipitating event I can come up with is too many hours in too small pants with a baby obstructing my digestive organs.

So. Lesson #1: elastic is my new best friend (actually, lesson #1 was probably that Cheerios are my best friends when I was having all the nausea, so make this lesson #2), because I am still too early for maternity clothes. I'm hoping another week or two will allow me to fit into some. In the meantime, thank heavens I wear scrubs to work. But howcome there's no industry for in-between clothes? In the message boards in which I lurk, there's no end to women complaining of their old clothes being too tight and their maternity clothes being too big, so I know I'm not alone here. I know they sell those Bella Bands for this purpose, but I'm torn, not knowing anyone personally who's successfully used one.

15 weeks tomorrow! And 3 weeks til we can try to find out the sex!


Ali said...

I just had a couple of pairs of trousers a size or two bigger. Believe me, they came in handy after I had the babies too, because there is no way on earth I was going to put my jelly-belly back in maternity stuff then!!

Ouiser said...

I think I mentioned that I lived in skirts with elastic waists last summer. Honestly, anything that can be worn "under the bump" will help. I realize that may be more difficult for you because your shirts may not be long enough...a problem we short people rarely run into. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Being that I'm not even engaged yet, I have no advice when it comes to maternity clothes, but I just wanted to say that every time you mention (write) the word "baby" my heart STILL skips a beat and I still have heart attacks that my best friend is PREGNANT!! Seriously. What's up with that?? I'm not good with change apparently.