Sunday, April 08, 2007

Better Late than Never?

Yeah, I'm still alive. Sorry. Returning to my blog last weekend obviously didn't happen. I have plenty of excuses though.

We celebrated the husband's 30th birthday last weekend and his brother and best friend (Ouiser's hubby!) flew in to celebrate. Both were surprises. We had a party that Saturday night, which was not a surprise, and they left Sunday and Monday. Then I immediately got sick and have been out for the count all week. I'm on the upswing now, but still nowhere near 100%. Hence my absence. I've missed you, blogland! But I've just been utterly useless and unable to put this many words together coherently since last week.
Chewy had his own guest at the party, Josie, who is way cute, but who stole his bed and his dinner! He was a gentleman about it.

Ouiser's hubby and Chewy wishing the husband a happy birthday

Bob "enjoying" the party. Not sure she enjoyed the manhandling.

Some evidence of my recent uselessness is the Easter gifts I have still sitting in my sewing room that were intended for four various babies I happen to know. Completely did not realize Easter was this weekend until yesterday. You can tell how religious we are. But I had purchased these gifts back in early March. The good thing about babies is that they don't care if you're late with gifts, so hopefully I'll get them sent out soon.

I swear there were only two bunnies when I put them in the closet...

How can you resist bunnies from Target's $1 rack?

Gratuitous picture of Bob. She likes fabric bins, too.


Anonymous said...

Hey great photos...and you guys had a wonderful time...and well birthdays are always special days for all of us...and well for some more fun also visit my blog on Birthday Greetings sometime and enjoy all that's there!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! You're back! Happy Day... I'm so sad that I missed the Target bunnies! Probably better that I only stroll the Target $1 Spot once every few months. I have no self-control in that area. Everything just seems so useful!! :)