Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"A Plague on Both Your Potties!"

I have potentially big news. News that is going to drive Ouiser and Toddler Tamer into cahoots to plot my untimely demise. Or possibly just to sneak pixi stix into my daughter's bedtime milk or shave four-letter words into my dog or something equally devious.

The Papoose peed in the potty.

Well, technically, on the edge of the potty. And it was only a few drops. But still.


I just ordered her a potty from Amazon last week. She's been showing a few possible-readiness signs lately: sometimes going to a corner to do her business, once running to the toilet after she peed on the floor during naked time and I spontaneously suggested she tell me the next time she needed to go potty. It just seemed like it couldn't hurt to have one sitting around the house so she could consider the idea. I also ordered a couple of books on potty training. One for me and one for her. Those haven't arrived yet.

But the potty itself arrived yesterday and I unpacked it today while Ouiser and her daughter, S (who is not yet potty trained, but is definitely on her way), were over to play. S helped me show the new potty to the Papoose, who promptly sat on it. But we were playing, so I didn't pursue anything. It sat in the living room while we continued with our day.

After dinner tonight, we were playing in the living room again. She sat on the potty so I took her pants and diaper off and offered some suggestions about what she might do. She sat there and I offered her books. She wiggled around a lot, acting a little uncomfortable. It might still be too big for her, even though I ordered the one that everyone else complained was too small in reviews. She's only 16 months-old, so I figured smaller was better. Anyway, next thing I knew, she'd gotten up and sat in my lap and I felt a small wetness on her bottom. I looked at the potty and there was just the smallest smattering of liquid to be found. Could have been a lucky coincidence and may never happen again for two years. Or more.

Or I could be the luckiest SOB ever!!!

But I'm not counting chickens. And I don't even know how to proceed. I haven't read the damn book yet. I don't even have the damn book yet. I didn't even tell her what a great thing she'd done because I didn't realize what she had done at first and then I was in such shock: Did she have her sippy cup nearby? Was it drool? Dog drool? But I'm pretty confident it was what it was meant to be. So I guess I'll offer her some potty time after every meal until I get that book and figure out how to capitalize on this.

Keep your fingers crossed for me because Ouiser and TT will be throwing all kinds of voodoo and Unforgivable Curses my way.


Ouiser said...

oh, hush.

you know i'll be as thrilled as anyone if L potty trains. jealous as hell, but thrilled just the same. besides that means L's stinky diapers won't be in my trash can...the contents will be flushed down the toilet...and no one is complaining about that!!!

Strongmama said...

If you can get L to go #2 and do it consistently, I will be jealous as hell and will also be buying you a plane ticket to Austin so you can finish the job that I clearly cannot do! Good luck! Too bad J is too young to really understand age differences because I can't hold it over his head that a cousin half his age is catching up on him.