Wednesday, March 18, 2009

First 30

I was updating the Papoose's baby book last night (all her canines have broken through!) and started listing all the words she has now. She's a wordy girl. Usually that word is "no," with a close second favorite of "go." Right hand to god, I heard her say "no" in her sleep the other night.
  1. no
  2. go (or Go away)
  3. mum-mum (food)
  4. drink
  5. yeah
  6. down (or Get down)
  7. again (translates as "read this")
  8. bless you
  9. thank you
  10. binky
  11. brush teeth
  12. night night
  13. bathtime
  14. towel
  15. dog
  16. cat
  17. moo
  18. meow
  19. shoes
  20. coat
  21. cookie
  22. goyurt (yogurt)
  23. nana (banana)
  24. mama
  25. dada
  26. Chewy
  27. all done
  28. kak kak (quack quack)
  29. hi
  30. bye bye
I think that's it. That's actually more than I remembered last night. I kind of couldn't believe there were so many when I started counting because 99% of what she says is "no" and "go." She likes to cut to the chase.

Addendum: How did I forget #31?!? "Uh-oh" is totally up there in the top three favorite words of the Papoosekin.


Sarah Berry said...

It kills me to think of her as talking since I'm only now getting used to the fact that she WALKS. Throw her on a plane to Central New York for a few days so we can bond!

Strongmama said...

By the end of the weekend she will be talking in sentences so she can say, "Get away from all of my toys, you older cousin, you!"