Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And a Forty of Milk, While You're At It.

The Papoose has been baffling us with some of her word usage lately. We noticed she'd started occasionally saying what sounded like "cat-o" instead of just "cat." But only sometimes. Other times, she said "cat" just like you'd expect.

The Husband thought maybe she was trying to say, "Cat! Meow" because we often tell her animal names immediately followed by the sound they make: "Look, a duck. Quack, quack!"

Today, she's been saying not only "cat-o" but also "dog-o," "binky-o," and "cookie-o."

I have two theories. First, I call her "kiddo" a lot. Maybe she thinks -o is a suffix denoting affection or familiarity? Okay, that's the linguist nerd in me.

My other theory is much more likely. I'm pretty sure she's saying "yo." Like, "Mama, hook a baby up with some cookie, yo!"

Yeah, that's gotta be it.


die Frau said...

Just take care when she starts calling you two Mizzle and Dizzle. Then it's time for an intervention.

Quinton Quilter said...

What a cutey-o! Love your contemplations - I think it is a term of affection!