Thursday, January 08, 2009

Week 1-ish

The update on the Body & Soul Challenge detox is...that I need to try again next week. I'm just not into the massive overhauls. I don't stick to changes made drastically. In fact, I'm more likely to fight them. So what the Body & Soul people are recommending I do in one week, I'll instead spread over two or three weeks.

I drank a shocking amount of coffee while at Toddler Tamer's house for the holidays. Even though the Papoose was giving us more sleep that week (she slept past seven almost every day! And now we're back to 5:00 am wake-up wails, alas), and even though she and J are entertaining as all get-out to watch and play with, they are EXHAUSTING together, and we were all so busy, I just couldn't get enough caffeine in me.

But the past two days I've had only one cup throughout each entire day and really haven't missed the rest at all. I've been starting each day with a cup of warm water with lemon and I'm learning that a lot of my coffee habit is just the desire to hold and drink something warm. Ouiser and I have discussed before that a lot of coffee-drinking for us revolves more around the ritual than the actual coffee.

But, unsurprisingly, I've also felt really, really lazy this week. All I want to do is curl up and read. Forever (currently, The Other Boleyn Girl, which is great so far and totally making me want to rent the movie). But it's not at all that feeling that smacks of depression. I don't feel apathetic or uninterested or even especially tired, really. I have several theories: (1) lack of caffeine, (2) lack of exercise, (3) winter hibernation mode, (4) it's too darn cold, (5) recovering from holidays, (6) cabin fever (we've been in the house a lot since New Year's as the Papoose had a cold and now may be teething and it's been super-rainy, etc.), (7) some combination of the above.

I have a gazillion craft ideas (as I always do), but zero desire to get off my lazy butt and execute any. I did make it to the gym today, and that felt good. And the Papoose was happy to get out of the house and play with some new-to-her toys, I think.

So, I think through this weekend I will continue with the laying off of the caffeine, the getting of my butt to the gym, the going to bed at 9:00, and the media diet. Next week I will tackle this crazy detox food diet they suggest, whereby I am expected to be vegan for a week. Ugh. We'll see if I still have a husband by the end of that week. Wish me luck!


Strongmama said...

I could be way off base here, but is this detox thing really something you want to do? The language you use to write about it kind of suggests otherwise. If you're not good with massive overhauls, why do them? If it's just to see if you can meet the challenge, then that's great. Can you change the things you wish to be doing without a detox persay(drinking less caffeine, more crafting, more reading, more exercise)? Get to bed a little earlier so you can read a little longer, (and don't rent the movie; it really wasn't as good as the book) use one of the Papoose's naptimes to carry out a craft idea a few times a week, get out of the house even if it's cold outside-- it's still good for you! And hold yourself accountable to those things. Make a chart or something so you carry it out. I would bet if you focused on changing the things that you really want to change you'll see a much better result than if you just did this detox as an experiment.

Ouiser said...

i'm with strongmama. besides, if you're already dreading the week of veganism, it's not likely to really do anything for you...and i'm not cooking extra "meat meals" for D!! lol.