Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Busy Bee

The Husband has been displaying some mad carpentry skillz of late. Witness:
Our new dining room table. It's very much still in progress, but you get the gist. (And that's our basement, yo, not the dining room. So don't hate on it too much.)And the beginnings of the Papoose's custom play kitchen. I asked the Husband to stand next to it for scale, but I guess kitchen building is exhausting work. Especially when you're on your cell at the same time. This picture is already obsolete as he's been such a busy bee out in the garage working at all hours, but he's got a goal of finishing it this month, so wish him luck!


Strongmama said...

awesome, yo! I'm not going to mention his progress to my husband or else I will hear all about how he wants to be crafty too. whine whine. Can't wait to see that finished kitchen.

Sarah Berry said...

Wow, I'm with Strongmama - not even going to mention these wonderful creations to the husband. The whining to build stuff is relatively constant around here, and then I point out that maybe when you're working full time, trying to move, about to attend grad school (WHILE working), and on the verge of becoming a new father - maybe THIS is not the time to be taking up woodcraft.