Monday, January 05, 2009

Detox Day 1

I've fallen woefully out of many healthy habits that I'd maintained for years: regular exercise, drinking lots of water, limited tv viewing, little to no caffeine... I'm trying to get back on track and under the premise that trying anything (within reason) is better than nothing, I'm going to have a go at Martha's Body & Soul Challenge. I figure that if I report to you all here on my progress, it gives me some accountability, which may help. If tails of my caffeine addiction and attempts to sneak beans and rice past the Husband bore you, I hope to get back to more interesting fare in the future.

Week 1 is all about detox, so I am scaling back the coffee intake to a strict two-cup limit. This is not much of a decrease from my normal intake, but it's something, and I don't want to launch into caffeine withdrawal on the first day.

Tomorrow I start a bit of media detox, meaning I'll only be responding to urgent emails; otherwise no Internet except to blog and to keep up with previously scheduled events with my mommy group; no tv (thank goodness for Tivo!); no Wii. I'm a little scared about this.

Let you know how it goes!


die Frau said...

Good luck--sometimes it's harder fight mind flab than body flab! But I know you can do it. :-)

Anonymous said...

I feel cutting back in small ways it the way to success. It has definately worked for me on many things. I have found changing everything at once sets you up for more guilt and failure. A girl I work with started drinking Mata Latta tea and she said she was amazed how it helped her come off coffee. It is a lose tea from good seasons( organic store here in portland)they were out last time if I find it I will send you some. I sooo feel your pain of TV, I'm back in my bad habit, I'm also trying to turn off HGTV and/or CSI, Good luck, look forward to your postings. I have the story of sneaking a candy bar over B's shoulder when we were hugging in the kitchen many,many years ago :):) Love and miss you M

Anonymous said...

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