Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

We had a pretty quiet Halloween around here (I bought waaaayyy too much candy, just as The Husband predicted. Oops!). This is the first time The Husband and I have not dressed up for Halloween in years. I just couldn't bring myself to spend time on money on costumes this year when (1) there was a decent chance we'd be in the hospital with the baby, and (2) I'm in no condition to attend Halloween parties comfortably. As it turned out, Baby Girl is happy in her current home and spurned our attempts to cajole her into a Halloween appearance. Guess she didn't want to share her birthday with a holiday. Chewy happily got into the Halloween spirit. Not that he could even see what I tied around his neck (he's since gotten a trim). Recognize this bandanna?
This pic is posted at The Husband's behest: "He looks like Yoda!" That he does...not nearly so aged or wise he is, though.

Since I was not dumping all my energy into desperately trying to finish an elaborate costume this year, I did make a few Halloween decorations. We're generally pretty sparse in that department because of the costumes, so it was nice to have a few around for a change.

There were actually two of these bats hanging in the tree. Made from a pair of socks I rescued from the trash when The Husband discovered a holey heel.
There were three of these ghosts. I had intended to just shove the dowels they're supported on into the ground along the walkway up to our house. Sometimes I forget we live in the desert. The ground was hard as a rock. So one got stuck in a flowerpot by the door. Two others are "sitting" on the bench in the bat pic. These are balled up paper from the recycling bin covered in trash bags, then scrap white polyester leftover from last year's costume, then cheesecloth. Tied off at the neck with ribbon leftover from our wedding (over four years ago--I save everything for just such occasions as these). The dowels I purchased ($.89 each). Oh, and the faces are just craft foam.
This is the one indoor Halloween corner. Trinkets we've collected from Scarlet Lily and my mom over the years as Halloween gifts. We also have a mini-pumpkin in the kitchen from the pumpkin patch. And a wooden pumpkin shaped candy bowl. Didn't get that one on film, sorry.

That's our Halloween! I did finish a "costume" for the Little One in case she debuted in time, but I'll wait to post that until I finish the hat. Maybe tomorrow. Luckily, being a baby, she can wear it any old time and it won't matter that she missed the Halloween window. Head over to Ouiser's blog to check out the cutest (ahem, I mean, scariest) witch you ever did see.

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