Thursday, October 04, 2007

Not So Hot

This is a pointless rant about a person who is pointlessly and endlessly talked about, could not be more overexposed, and whom you're all probably so sick of hearing about. But I can't help it.

Oh, Paris. (You know which one I mean.)

For anyone who missed the David Letterman interview with Ms. Hilton nearly a week ago, you can catch up here. Now I'm very pregnant, and spending very much time on the couch, so I feel I am more up on my pop culture than ever before (which is still less than some people--how do they do it?). And I am acutely aware that there are two definite camps on Letterman's treatment of Paris during his interview, which, if you're too busy to watch the interview, was very prison-centered, despite her claims that she's "over it" and "that was a long time ago" and requests to talk about more important things, like her movie and clothing line and new perfume. Anyway, the two camps seem to be those who just thought it was funny (a good chunk of Dave's audience from the sounds of it) and those who think he went too far, that it was funny at first and then he should have let it go. According to the latter group, what if she really is trying to change? Shouldn't we cut her some slack? What if she really is a new person now? Shouldn't we let this go and move past it and let her show that she really is ready to actually contribute something to society?

No! Decidedly, no! What high school did you go to? In fact, what planet do you live on now? Since when to people simply get to apologize for the mistakes they make in life and move on without anyone, ever giving them a hard time about it? And this was a big mistake! She was arrested! How many people you know, real people, regular people, if they got arrested for something as stupid as driving without a proper license, and you knew they did it because they were cocky and didn't think anyone would actually send them to jail, how many of you would honestly let that go without a little bit of ribbing? Or, okay, maybe you wouldn't do the ribbing, but would you honestly say it was unfair of anyone to make fun of them, even just a little, for doing something so dumb? Wouldn't part of you think it was good for her to be taken down a notch or two?

I don't want anyone to be cruel to the girl. I do want her to live it down. I do hope she moves on and grows up and becomes a better person. But it can't be easy. Everything's been so darned easy for her, that's why she has the problems she has in the first place, I and at least half of America would wager. Let her get teased. Remember in high school when you tripped in front of the whole class or you blew the winning goal or you laughed and milk came out your nose or whatever you did that made everyone tease you for a week until someone else did something equally dumb? That kind of adolescent suffering builds strong moral fiber and good character and at least personality, if nothing else. Don't you think that's what's wrong with all those girls who used to be famous for partying and are now famous for being such screw-ups? Nobody has given them crap for being such screw-ups. So how are they supposed to learn?

So, Dave, I applaud you. She deserved it. She doesn't deserve it forever, and she took it well, actually, and I was impressed that she kept a smile on her face through most of it. It was obvious she was pissed underneath. And I understand that, too. But this is life, sweetie. People don't always care how you feel. I hope you do grow up from this. People are so over you. Until your next escapade anyway.


Strongmama said...

I didn't see this but heard bits on the radio where they debated whether Dave went to far or not... Paris' problem is that she's been all hush hush since she got out of prison and now she wants to act like all of her party/jail stuff was in her "old life" without acknowledging that she did anything wrong. I honestly don't think she knows what she did wrong (I think that was one of the questions Dave asked and she didn't answer). She's just been used to everyone giving her second and third and fourth chances all her life. I think people jsut want her to admit that she did something wrong and she learned from it. Honestly, I don't care about her, but I do care that she is given so much attention for doing absolutely nothing with her life, just like Lindsay and Britney. Now there's one judge who got it right when he saw her as an unfit mother and took away custody. And she doesn't seem to care now, does she? But again, way too much attention on someone who deserves none.

die Frau said...

Two comments:

1) It's called ACCOUNTABILITY. And CONSEQUENCES FOR YOUR ACTIONS. Deal with it; everyone else does. We give far too much leniency to famous people because they're famous...for no real reason except their names and wealth and how they throw both around.

2) Because of that, the word "news" has changed. Newscasters spent about 32 minutes talking about trouble in Darfur and OVER AN HOUR AND A HALF about Martha Stewart's jail sentence. I'm talking the three biggies, NBC, CBS, ABC. It's a way of soothing the masses, playing ostrich.

She contributes NOTHING. Yet the majority know who she is, but you ask if they know who Barack Obama or Mitt Romney are, and nobody knows. And that has to change.

Sarah Berry said...

Amen to all of it! One of the most wonderful things you can do as a parent is to teach your kids about actions and consequences. Few other lessons will teach them as much as that one will.

Anonymous said...

Ha! You said "moral fiber"! It's like you're already a mom!

PS. Paris sucks. Listening to her makes me feel like a million idiotic rats are gnawing at my soul.