Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Four Weeks and Counting

Last weekend's fun continued (for me anyway), when I finally convinced The Husband that it was time to put together the nursery furniture. We're using a dresser that we already had and putting a changing table on top. We bought a used Ikea children's bookcase that I found on Craig's List. The crib and recliner are now put together, ottoman is in place, mattress is in place, curtains are up. We're on to the fine-tuning (cleaning up instruction manuals, plastic bags, putting away clothes, hanging artwork, etc.), but it still looks a mess in there, so no pictures yet. Eventually.

I haven't done any sewing in a few days. I started trying to make a Boppy cover. Something that should have been very simple. But something's not lining up right and I got too frustrated to deal with it. I will probably just let it be for a while and work on something else in the meantime (a wetbag for the diaper bag?). I just can't bear to pull out stitches I've just put in. Especially when they relate to a zipper. Ugh.

In the meantime, my fingers have swollen up like sausages. I woke up with them hurting Friday and took me until late Saturday to figure out that this was because the skin was being stretched to within a millimeter of its life. But they were not severely swollen and didn't really look that strange, as fingers. It's just that my fingers tend to be very long (what with my being very tall) and proportionally thin (although, not truly small--it's a nice illusion) so it took me a while to realize the problem. I also was having bouts of lightheadedness Friday and Saturday. I put all the pieces together and knew from the pregnancy books I'd read that these can be signs of preeclampsia. So I called the OB Monday, they had me come in, and...nothing. We're all good. BP is great. Not losing any protein. Things are moving along in there, but nothing imminent.

Although, when the OB reminded me that, at this point, if I were to go into labor they wouldn't do anything to stop it, I said "So, it could be as early as 37 weeks or as late as 41 weeks" (I'm 36 weeks now), and she said, "It could be as early as tomorrow...and I really don't think you'll have to wait until 41 weeks." So I don't know if she knows something I don't (probably, as she's a surgeon) or if she's just being nice. Because I am at that point where I'm about done with this whole pregnancy thing. I was very grouchy last night and told The Husband that I haven't been whiny or complain-y much this whole pregnancy, and have dealt with all my aches and pains (especially the back pain, which has gone on for about three months now, almost nonstop) in a fairly optimistic manner, but now I'm done. I'm sick of feeling useless and incompetent and, most of all, not being able to exercise. I will be complaining from here on out. So he's had fair warning. I'll try to spare all of you, though.

I promise to try for some pictures next post.


die Frau said...

Sweetie, you do whatever you need to do. We all love you and know you're excited and probably a little nervous and if you need to complain, complain. If you don't have a chance to put up pictures because, to quote Jerry Maguire, you're "pregnant and incapable of bulls**t", DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT. Grab some Epsom salts, take a bath, make Chewy do the dishes.

Frankly, I'm hoping for a Halloween baby for you all. As we discussed, how perfect would that be?

Let me know if there's anything I can do, even from far away. Love you!

Ali said...

If you ask me, feeling like you want to murder people (particularly your partner) is a good indicator of being ready to pop! Nest like mad - it's not long now.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the complaining - feel free to vent in email form :)

Strongmama said...

I think docs just say that to every patient that is within a month of giving birth. It would be so much easier if they just knew, though. Do you have that hospital bag packed? I'd do that before hanging the artwork. You don't want to deal with D trying to find everything for you in a pinch while you're breathing heavy. Oh, and complain away, girl! Right now it's all you. But once the little one gets here, the husband gets to do that too. And we all know what it's like when they complain!

Anonymous said...

I wrote you this long comment and it never showed up. Anyway you deserve to complain after all the back pain you have been through. I think some DR. think they can perdict when you will go, but I think they are trying to make you feel better. I hope you go soon, can't wait to share the whole experience with you and Dylan.