Thursday, October 18, 2007


Blogging slacker, that is. Sorry. My back's been acting up again the past ten days or so, so I haven't gotten much done. Which makes me feel like I have nothing to blog about. I've "filled" many a day with nothing but a little cleaning, a little cooking, and lots of heating, icing, and bed rest. The Husband has begged and begged for me to forget the cooking and cleaning and finish up the nursery and the sewing, so I'm trying to do that now. I have some things in progress for sharing in the near future, but for tonight, only this:

I recently discovered Library Thing. Do you know about this? It's an online catalog of books in your "library" (I think that whether this means books you own or books you've read is up to you). You can share your library, see what others with similar libraries are reading, get recommendations based on your ratings of books in your library...there's so much more, I'm still exploring. But there's a new feature in my sidebar showing a random sampling of books from mine.

Baby update: We're doing well. Chugging along at a little past 37 weeks. She had hiccups that I could feel for the first time today...three times!


Anonymous said...

Do you have a system for letting people know when she gets here? I fear I'll be the last one to know all the way out here in VT!


Strongmama said...

Aren't the hiccups the strangest feeling? I remember the first time I felt them. I was laying in bed and B acutally felt them too and he wasn't even touching me! If she has them now, chances are she will have them a bunch when she is born. J had them all the time.