Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Brain Officially Dead

To anyone wondering where I've been: I'm still here, and I'm hoping to accomplish an elaborate post tomorrow, sharing our anniversary weekend at a local resort ranch. Posts are fewer and further between now that I seemed to have been hijacked into what looks suspiciously like a four 10s schedule at work. This is fine, good even, except that it came pretty quickly after I had settled into the nice 16-20 hrs/wk gig I had had going. And I'm still so new in my profession that I feel like I'm at 100% cognitive capacity every single minute I'm at work. When that's 600 minutes a day, it's proving to be overwhelming. In all honesty, the last few hours today I started to question whether I should even be working. Ethically. I know I was making at least some mistakes for that reason alone. Anyway, I know I'll adjust and it will get better. I'm not worried. And I know I'll get no sympathy whatsoever from my MD friends. I'm not worried about that either. :)

Nevertheless, it makes things a bit harder for now. On the bright side, now that I'm out of school, it's great to know that a day off is actually a day off. As opposed to a day where I don't have class, but I still spend 14 hours straight doing schoolwork.

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Ali said...

I can't remember what 100% cognitive capacity feels like! Thats six years at home with kids for you.

It sounds like you're enjoying the challenge - good for you!