Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Squeeky McSqueekers

Have I mentioned that the Papoose has endless nicknames? One she's carried since she was an infant is Squeeky McSqueekers. That one dates back to the first couple months of her life when she slept in the Pack N Play in our bedroom. She'd make itty, bitty, squeeky noises in her crib and she sounded just like a mouse. Then when those teeth started to come in, we felt that the Halloween costume pretty much created itself.

And lest you have the sense of the woman who took our money at the zoo's cafeteria, she is a mouse, sitting in her cheese. NOT an elephant wrapped in a giraffe print blanket.


Strongmama said...

Cutest thing ever! Love it! And the cheese! So creative!

die Frau said...

Of COURSE she's a mouse in a cheese blanket. And this woman works at a ZOO?