Thursday, November 20, 2008

Honey Almond Cookies

Made these cookies for my book club meeting tonight. We read The Secret Life of Bees, so I did a quick search last night for something honey-themed.

Not bad. Not great. They're a nice, light cookie that was great with coffee, and would probably be even better with tea, but I wouldn't make them for a special occasion.

Personally, I felt the almond flavor was too weak, though you could taste the honey. If you like a really subtle cookie, these might be just the thing. They were certainly easy and quick to make.

I'm hoping to make time this holiday season to share some more cookie adventures. As long as my waistline can take it...

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Strongmama said...

One of the dates I was considering for our annual cookie exchange party is the day you guys arrive-- although I haven't put the date out to people yet to see if it works. If it happens, you can definitely get your cookie/pomegranate martini groove on!

On a non-related, completely childish sidenote, one of the security words I have to type write now is poo. Clearly the program knows its audience