Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Home Again, Home Again

Jiggety jig.

After a whirlwind tour of NoCA, the Papoose and I are back on Southern soil, and she is one well-traveled 10-month-old.

The Papoose was an angel on our flights, no crying, no fussing. But dang. She was all over the place! We got lucky on the way out and had empty flights with all three seats to ourselves. On the way home, I had someone next to me the whole time, but still had two seats. Somehow, her diaper leaked and she peed all over me during the flight. The good news is that I was wearing a dress over jeans, so I was able to just take the jeans off. The bad news is that there's a Southwest employee out there probably still trying to get the pee smell out of the floor of their plane. Stay out of row 17.

FYI, did you know that you can get a gate pass for whomever is dropping you off at the airport if you're traveling alone with a baby? So I didn't have to rely on the kindness of strangers to fold my stroller as I limped through security this time. This is a key improvement. Nevertheless, after our next lone trip to see Toddler Tamer in eight days, I'd just as soon not fly alone with the Papoose again until she's old enough for a DVD player or Nintendo DS or iPod or something.

I did not take nearly enough pics, but here are a few:

The Husband's aunt's newish kittens: Frou-frou and Caesar

The Papoose's Nummy (read: paternal grandmother) has French doors at the front of her house that look out onto her horse/goat pasture. The Papoose spent much time monitoring the goings-on of the pasture from those doors. Peer out the left door. "HO! Ah. HO! Ah." Walk, walk, walk to the other door. Peer out. "Ho! Ah. Ho! Ah." Repeat endlessly. This was, obviously, taken with her on the other side of said doors.

Farm-girl Papoose.


Sarah Berry said...

I'm dying of squeals at "Farm Girl Baby" - she's like a little Barbie you can dress up!

Also, if you have some phone time, I've become a master at the manual settings on my digital camera, I can talk you through the highlights if you want.

Strongmama said...

dvd schmee vd! We've never used one and just rely on things like apple juice (big draw on the plane), lots of books, peek a boo with the neighbors, "reading" the airline magazine,and finger puppets. highly recommend the finger puppets. they only come out for plane flights. At least the flight here will be shorter to see us!

Wonderland said...

Cutie cutie cutie!!!!

die Frau said...

Adorable as always. She's getting so big! I love her open-mouth smile.