Friday, September 05, 2008

Friday Favorite

I've missed a couple Fridays, I know. I warned you. But I'll make it up to you anyway. I've actually been stockpiling favorites, but have been too lazy to even post them. So, here are my favorites from the past three weeks:

This, in which Mr Lady will make you lose your lunch with hysterically gross left-in-car stories.

This, in which Amalah makes me glad I birthed a girl.

And this, in which Heather makes me wonder if Chewy is as smart as Chuck.

Enjoy! And happy Friday.


Strongmama said...

Oh honey, if you're glad you birthed a girl, I'll let you have that happiness for yet another day before I tell you some of the stories of my friends and their girl findings. This was a very funny story and I can see it happening here since J loves his fruit strips.

die Frau said...

I am STILL laughing at Amalah's blog. I can't stop and I am having an asthma attack.

This will totally happen one day if we have a boy. Just thinking of it has gotten me laughing again. I can hear it: "CALL R. [you know who I mean] RIGHT NOW. NOW. GET HIM ON THE PHONE." And it will end up being toilet paper or something.

Chuck is a smart doggie and I now know that if Penny barks at the chimney, I'll call someone STAT!

Momo Fali said...

You really should warn people not to eat before reading Mr. Lady's post.

Elissa L. said...

Mr. lady rocks!